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Transformer Rating Chart

Transformer rating chart of full load current associated with line-to-line voltage.

Rating current for 3 phase transformer:

3 Phase Transformer Rating
3 Phase Transformer Rating

Rating current for 1 phase transformer:

Single Phase Transformer Rating
Single Phase Transformer Rating

How to use transformer rating chart

The table above quickly provide rating current for a specific transformer rating and voltage.

If you have a transformer rating:

  1. Find the suitable table of Transformer (3 phase or 1 phase)
  2. Find the transformer rating in first column (for example, 500kVA).
  3. Find the voltage (line-line) you require on the top row (for example, 480V).
  4. The intersection of the row and column show the current rating (in this case, it would be 601A).

Alternatively, you can use online calculator on our site.