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Single Line Diagram Preparation Checklist

This checklist will be an aid to maintain quality design of Single Line Diagram.

No.DoneCheck Item
1Verify Client Name
2Verify Project Title
3Verify Drawing Title
4Verify Drawing No. & Revision No.
5Verify Project No.
6Verify Reference Drawing numbers and Titles.
7Verify notes and legends with Project template?
8Verify symbols based on Client’s requirements, i.e. IEC, ANSI, etc.
9Verify size of symbol and character appropriate to the size and scale of the drawing?
10Verify type and width of lines suitable to the size and scale of the drawing?
11Configurations for Power distribution system into the Drawing, such as Simple Radial, Loop, Ring Main, etc.
12Verify grounding system, such as, Ungrounded, Floating, High-Resistance, Low-Resistance and Solidly grounded.
13Are the transformer phase displacement and winding connection (Delta or Wyes) suitable for the grounding system?
14Verify if Tie-in point/condition with Utility Company are clearly shown.
15Verify if future circuit breakers are provided as per Client’s requirements.
16Are protective relays and meters (inc. remote metering) properly allocated on the drawing as per the requirements stipulated on Client’s document/drawings?
17Show the secondary circuits of CT and PT connected to relays and/or meters by thin solid line.
18Indicate interlocking/intertripping signals by dash lines with arrow marks.
19Verify Name of Utility Company
20Verify Utility Company Phase/Wire
21Verify Utility Company Voltage (kV) and Frequency (Hz)
22Verify Utility Company Short Circuit Capacity (MVA) and X/R ratio
23Verify Power Generator Equipment No.
24Verify Power Generator Type of Driver (ex. STG, GTG, DEG, EDG)
25Verify Power Generator Phase/Wire
26Verify Power Generator Voltage (kV) and Frequency (Hz)
27Verify Power Generator Capacity (kW) and Power Factor
28Verify Power Generator Number of Pole (i.e. 2P, 4P, etc.)
29Verify Power Generator Provision of Self Balance CT
30Verify Large Motor Equipment No. , Service Name
31Verify Large Motor Type of Motor (ex. SM, IM, etc.)
32Verify Large Motor Output (kW)
33Verify Large Motor Provision of Lightning Arrestor
34Verify Large Motor Provision of Self Balance CT
35Verify Transformer Equipment No.
36Verify Transformer Capacity (kVA or MVA) for each cooling condition (OA/FA, etc.)
37Verify Transformer Voltage Ratio and Required Taps
38Verify Transformer Winding Connection (Delta or Wye)
39Verify Transformer % Impedance (%)
40Verify Cable Rated Voltage
41Verify Cable Number of Core
42Verify Cable Cross Sectional Area
43Verify Cable Insulation Materia
44Verify Cable Type of Protection Armor, if any
45Verify Bus Duct Rated Voltage (kA)
46Verify Bus Duct Rated Continuous Current (A)
47Verify Switchgear Bus-Bar identification (A or B)
48Verify Switchgear Bus-Bar Phase and Wire (i.e. 3Phase, 4Wire)
49Verify Switchgear Bus-Bar Rated Voltage (kV) and Frequency (Hz)
50Verify Switchgear Bus-Bar Rated Continuous Current (A)
51Verify Switchgear Bus-Bar Bus Bracing (kA SYM)
52Verify Switchgear Circuit Breaker identification No.
53Verify Switchgear Circuit Breaker Type of Breaker (ex. GCB, VCB and etc.)
54Verify Switchgear Circuit Breaker Rated Voltage (kV)
55Verify Switchgear Circuit Breaker Rated Continuous Current (A)
56Verify Switchgear Circuit Breaker Rated Short Circuit Current (kA) (MVA for MV)
57Verify Switchgear CT & PT Current or Voltage Ratio
58Verify Switchgear CT & PT Number of Instrument Transformer
59Verify Switchgear CT, PT Winding connection (Delta, Wye and etc.)
60Verify Switchgear Power Fuse Rated Voltage (kV)
61Verify Switchgear Power Fuse Rated Continuous Current (A)
62Verify Switchgear Disconnection Switch Rated Voltage (kV)
63Verify Switchgear Disconnection Switch Rated Continuous Current (A)
64Verify Switchgear Lightning Arrestor Rated Voltage (kV)
65Verify Switchgear Lightning Arrestor Rated Current (kA)
66Verify Switchgear Surge Capacitor Rated Voltage (kV)
67Verify Switchgear Surge Capacitor Capacitance (micro F)
68Verify single line diagrams with cable run, connection diagram and cable schedule for cable tagging consistency and cable information.