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Power Transformer Standards

Power Transformer in Oil and Gas Facilities is mainly used to change voltage level for distribution purposes, i.e. step down voltage from 6.6kV to 400V. In addition, Transformer could be an electrical isolation mean to system disturbance so that maintain service continuity. Below list of standards does not cover special transformers such as single phase transformer with power less than 1kVA, welding transformer etc.

List of codes and standards is as below:

IEC 60076-1Power Transformers - Parts 1
IEC 60076-3Power Transformers - Parts 3
IEC 60076-11Power Transformers - Parts 11
IEC 60099-4Surge Arresters - Parts 4: Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters without Gaps for A.C. Systems
IEC 60137Insulating Bushings for Alternating Voltages above 1000 V
IEC 60214-1Tap Changers - Part 1: Performance Requirements and Test Methods
IEC 60296Fluids for Electrotechnical Applications - Unused Mineral Insulating Oils for Transformers and Switchgear
IEC 61099Insulating Liquids - Specification for Unused Synthetic Organic Esters for Electrical Purposes
IEC 61378-1Converter Transformers - Parts 1
IEC 61378-3Converter Transformers - Parts 3
IEC 61800-4Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive Systems - Part 4: General Requirements - Rating Specifications for A.C. Power Drive Systems above 1 000 V A.C. and Not Exceeding 35 kV
IEC 62155Hollow Pressurized and Unpressurized Ceramic and Glass Insulators for use in Electrical Equipment with Rated Voltages greater than 1000 V
IEC 62535Insulating Liquids - Test Method for Detection of Potentially Corrosive Sulfur in Used and Unused Insulating Oil

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