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Electrical Standards

Codes and standards are frame and skeleton for electrical engineering. Currently, there are some international organizations develop various topics of electrical design. These standards cover design, selection, installation and commissioning activities. In order to explore more, below link is official site of said organization.

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Applicable electrical codes and standards in a specific project is subject to Client choice, geographical location. For example, a new chemical plant in South East Asia will likely to implement IEC set of standards. At the same time, big-names Client also introduce their own set of standards.

Below is two most known Client standards:

In a project, the normal order of precedence or priority is as below:

  • Local Rules and Regulations
  • Client Standards
  • International standards (IEC or IEEE etc.)

Following is table of electrical equipment’s standard:

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3HV Synchronous Motors - Read more
4HV Variable Speed Drive Systems
5Medium Voltage Switchgear - Read more.
6Low Voltage Switchgear - Read more
7Power Transformers - Read more
8AC & DC Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) - Read more
9Electrical Cables - Read more
10Distribution Boards - Read more
11Lighting Fixture - Read more
12Navigation Aid - Read more
13Cable Tray and Ladder - Read more