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Electrical Equipment Layout Checklist

This checklist will be an aid to maintain quality design of Layout.

No.DoneCheck Item
1Review Client Name
2Review Project Title
3Review Drawing Title
4Review Drawing No. with deliverable & Revision No.
5Review Job No. (Project No.)
6Review reference drawing numbers and titles.
7Are notes and legends in line with project template?
8Are all the required dimensional information shown on the drawing?
9Is the drawing scale appropriate type of drawing?
10Are the size of text suitable to drawing scale?
11Are the type and width of lines suitable to drawing scale?
12Verify size of equipment entrance door suitable for transportation of the largest equipment to be installed in or removed from the building
13Verify sealing method for wall opening where bus-duct and the like penetrates per the manufacturer’s drawing.
14Verify floor embedded channel plan per equipment layout, if there is any inconsistency between Electrical and Structural drawings.
15Verify equipment installation/fixture method per manufacturer’s drawing and code.
16Verify locations of electrical equipment with cable tray and cable trench layout drawings for proper cable routing.
17Verify operation clearances and access per code, and Client’s specifications.
18Count equipment against single line diagrams, panel schedule, and equipment list.
19Verify the space around the equipment is suitably provided? (front and rear side panels)
20Is the space for future installation (side of panels) required?
21Refer to the vendor drawings for dimensional information, weight, anchoring plan, etc.?
22Check if name of rooms (such as “switchgear room”, “UPS room”, “Battery room”, etc.) are correctly shown.