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Electrical Cable Routing Checklist

This checklist will be an aid to maintain quality design of Electrical Cable Routing.

No.DoneCheck Item
1Verify Client Name
2Verify Project Title
3Verify Drawing Title
4Verify Drawing No. & Revision No.
5Verify Job No. (Project No.)
6Verify the reference drawing numbers and titles.
7Verify notes and legends
8Verify Match Line indicated correctly
9Is the latest piping plot plan drawing referred to?
10Is the scale appropriate to the size of the drawing?
11Are the size of characters suitable for drawing size and scale?
12Are the type and width of lines suitable for drawing size and scale?
13Is the location identification of the plant shown on the drawing indicated by North mark, key plan, etc.?
14Incorporate Client’s requirement such as direct burial, concrete duct bank, above ground cable tray system, etc.
15Make special consideration for cable route consider, where enhancement is required, such as at road crossing, area paved by concrete or asphalt.
16Consider suitable points/places of cable splice from view point of the maximum available cable length per one cable reel.
17Check the interference among the cable route and other obstacles such as piping, foundation of structure/column, etc.
18Check the provision of the appropriate number of man-holes allocated at suitable locations considering the maximum allowable side wall tension and pulling tension of the cable for the duct bank system.
19Show the detail of man-holes considering the required working space of cable installation, splicing and termination
20Show the location of cable route markers.
21Cross check single line diagrams, cable run, connection diagram, and cable schedule for cable information.

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