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Earthing Layout Checklist

Earthing or Grounding Layout is a drawing to show location of electrical devices and metal structured to
be earthed. It also indicates earthing conductor loop and location of earthing electrodes. This checklist will be an aid to maintain quality design of earthing layout.

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No.DoneChecked Items
1Verify Client Name
2Verify Project Title
3Verify Drawing Title
4Verify Drawing No. & Revision No.
5Verify Job No. (Project No.)
6Verify reference drawing numbers and titles.
7Are notes and legends correct?
8Is Match Line indicated correct next drawing numbering?
9Is the latest piping plot plan drawing referred to?
10Is the scale appropriate to size of the drawing?
11Are the size of characters suitable for size and scale of the drawing?
12Are the type and width of lines suitable for size and scale of the drawing?
13Is the location identification of the plant shown on the drawing indicated by North mark, reduced key plan, etc.?
14Incorporated equipment per mechanical equipment list
15Incorporate clean earth inputted by instrument discipline.
16Check the number of grounding electrode per requirements.
17Check all electrical equipments are grounded and all non-electrical equipment/skid are bonded to steel structure or grounded.
18All motors, welding outlets, lighting / receptacle panels, local control stations and other electrical equipment enclosures are connected to earthing system.
19All tanks, vessels, and towers are connected to main earthing system
20Steel structures/pipe racks are bounded to nearest earthing system.
21Power cable trays/ducts are connected to earthing system.
22All electrical equipment inside substation building are properly connected to main earthing grid.
23Check the grounding wire size per requirements.
24Check the provision of lightning protection per code/standard and regulation.
25Check the material requirement for lightning protection per code/standard and regulation.
26Check the Specification and size of wires
27Check the Wiring method
28Check the Items to be grounded
29Check the Wiring route depth of wire and etc.
30Check the Location of grounding electrodes, well/inspection well
31Check the Interface with others discipline (Piping, Instrument, Structure etc.)
32Check the location of each air terminal suitable for the protection of each objects.
33Check the lightning conductor provision per requirement.
34Check the location of lightning arresters.
35Check the location of lightning earth.