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Connection Diagram Checklist

This checklist will be an aid to maintain quality design of Electrical Connection Diagram.

No.DoneChecked Item
1Verify Client Name
2Verify Project Title
3Verify Drawing Title
4Verify Drawing No. & Revision No.
5Verify Job No. & Project No.
6Verify the reference drawing numbers and titles.
7Are notes and legends correct?
8Is the used symbol based on Owner’s requirement such as IEC, ANSI, etc.?
9Is the size of symbol and character appropriate to the size and scale of the drawing?
10Is the type and width of line suitably selected for presentation such as solid line (continuous), broken line (long-dash or short dash), chain line (A) and chain line (B)?
11Check the loads not only motor loads but also the others such as electric heater, lighting panel, battery charger, UPS, etc.
12Incorporate all the required function shown on P&ID and/or Instrument Logic Diagram.
13Are latest vendor’s drawings referred to?
14Check the terminal numbers and terminal block numbers for the connection of external cables.
15Check the core identification and number of core.
16Cross check cable schedule for cable tagging consistency and cable information’s.

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