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Cable Schedule Checklist

This checklist will be an aid to maintain quality design of Electrical Cable Schedule.

No.DoneChecked Item
1Verify Client Name
2Verify Project Title
3Verify Document Title
4Verify Document No. & Revision No.
5Verify Job No. (Project No.)
6Verify Reference Document numbers and titles.
7Verify if Client has any refer template for cable schedule
8Are all the loads shown in the schedule not only motor loads but also the others such as electric heater, lighting panel, battery charger, UPS, etc.?
9Are all the cables for electrical distribution systems such as remote control measuring interlock, etc. shown?
10Verify Cable specification / Number
11Verify the Cable size / Length
12Verify the Nos. of conductors / cores
13Verify the Nos., size and type of cable gland
14Verify cable destination

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