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1C MV Cable Ampacity

Below is 1C medium voltage (MV) cable ampacity table which can be used to select cable size.

Cross Section
In Air
1C x 240634436
1C x 300727489
1C x 400883549
1C x 500957610
1C x 6301099686
1C x 8001252762

In order to properly apply ampacity data, cable construction shall be as below:

  • Standards: IEC 60502,
  • System voltage 6/10(12) kV, 50Hz,
  • Cable designation: Cu/XLPE/PVC/AWA 1C cable,
  • Underground installation: Direct Buried,
  • Manufacturer: LS cable

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In addition, ambient conditions of cable installation shall be:

  • Ground temperature:                      30°C
  • Ambient air temperature:                30°C
  • Ground thermal resistivity:              150°C x cm/W
  • Burial depth:                                    0.8 m